I had the pleasure of photographing Asonya for the second time around and it was just as enjoyable. She wanted to do a photo shoot by the beach this time around and I had the perfect location in mind, Hollywood Beach.

Asonya had celebrated her birthday last month and wanted to ring in the new year with a bang before she went back to Tallahassee.

I aksed Asonya to tell me 10 things about herself. Let’s get to know her some more.


1. What’s your motto?
“Dream the impossible, believe in miracles, love with all your heart, and live for today”.

2. Last book you read?
Mistress by Meisha Camm.

3. Favorite food?
Rib Eye Steak (well done) with loaded mashed potatoes.

4. Favorite move and the scene that stands out?
My favorite movie I would say is 50 first Dates. I loved the scene where Henry realized that despite Lucy’s condition he still wanted to make a commitment to her.

5. Favorite music artist and why?
K. Michelle. First she is an alumna of the best HBCU. Secondly I believe her music speaks to me and the challenges I face emotionally sometimes.

6. Dog or cat?

I’m a cat person but I have no pets.

7. What is your major?
Occupational Therapy.

8. What do you look forward to after you graduate?
I look forward to starting my career, traveling the world, and going back to school to become specialized in Pediatrics.

9. Where did you grow up?
St. Catherine, Jamaica.

10. Peace, love or chocolate?
Love is more important to me. With love comes peace and hopefully tons of chocolate.